KH / KF hypoid gearbox

KH / KF hypoid gearbox

Hypoid gearbox

These hypoid gearboxes can be mounted either the motor shaft output (KF) or on the plate (KH) with central passageway. Thanks to their low backlash and a high torsional rigidity, these gearboxes ensure a positioning accuracy of the servos, even in ultra dynamic operation.

They are suited to applications requiring high load capacity and small dimensions.

Applications: Bending head indexing, robotics, ...


- High power density
- Low mechanical noise
- Low backlash
- Hollow shaft version
- Protection class IP65


- Rated torque: 18 to 1600 Nm
- Gearing ratio: 3 to 100
- Backlash: 3 to 4 arcmin
- Operating temperature: -10°C to +90°C
- Mechanical efficiency: 64 to 96 %